Wearing Jewelry Drawbacks

In general, pure silver or jewelery stable performance, low probability of occurrence of skin allergies, but allergies after contact with jewelry, some stimulation often cause dermatitis. Symptoms are mostly local skin wearing necklaces, rings and other jewelry itching, burning, erythema, peeling, or from pimples, blisters and purulent secretions, severe ulcers, and even induce asthma or generalized urticaria. In the election wear jewelry, you should first know whether their skin allergies, avoid wearing gold, silver, chrome, nickel, etc. The most likely cause dermatitis jewelry.

Ring syndrome over many years around the clock will ring worn on the hand, the fingers will become numb, acid swelling, pain,

It was tight coupling ring finger skin, muscle, bone deformity depressed into a ring, easily lead to finger deformation, if not promptly took off, but also affect blood circulation, and even a partial necrosis. Long-term wear hand ring, ring the following skin difficult to clean, germs and viruses multiply breeding pathogens will be transmitted. Avoid long wear ring do not pick.