The correct way to wear jewelry

  Jewelry, is a borrowed play. Question, is you. The shimmery, contrasting, clear refractions of jewelry of different materials, constructions and forms reflect the distorted look of each other's estimated price, as well as your face.

For example, personally, I am not a lover of giant jewels, because the giant jewels will emit the kind of lonely face can not suppress the light, you involuntarily, can not see the face - of course, if I was To my financial estimation can only become a big plastic crystal lovers, so I can not be aesthetic at this stage may be a good wallet for my good psychological suggestion, or face and money dual self-knowledge.

Brilliant flashes Elizabeth Taylor to the extent that giant jewelry can be Yan pressure.

In addition to facial features to influence the choice outside - nothing more than a big face with a large face was small, big face with a small invisible, small face with anything good-looking syllogism principle - in your Based on the proposition, the jewelry will show you the details that you want to show in a private and concrete manner, at an air index of 300 visible distance, in the form of a small table at Starbucks: it may be a social attribute, it may be a taste of style, May be the brand trend.

The more settings we add to the jewelery, the higher our need for jewelery, and the higher our need for jewelery, the higher the jewelery we can afford - the so-called Choosing barriers is probably everything you want, but you can only choose the same thing - so use every piece of jewelry, and every one wants to take advantage of the really poor people.

Necklace = bracelet

Although the necklace is not a white chain, where around is not around, this principle we all know, but the necklace and bracelet conversion rate is actually not high, not high enough, probably less than my public number is not higher.

The main reason is because of improper, improper transformation of many types, such as thin necklace in the hand, the chain is short and can not see, the chain is long in the hands around the rubber band around endless, the hospital blood-like; Such as lavish kind of big pendant to the little fingernail as a border, after this sector also hand-set, looks like a table; ......

But there are also suitable, such as the rough short metal necklaces, pearl necklace, some of these old objects but will be better, around two loose collapsing fall is also a style and is like the original design.

Similarly, strapped necklace, in fact, the design of new products for this type of design, the legitimacy of a great deal of change, some brands did not intend to appear in the shape of its set outside the neck appeared, and some The design of the brand itself is for a variety of wear.

Brooch = Necklace

Almost all brooches have the ability to be converted directly into a necklace, but not all brooches are suitable for being retrofitted to replace the necklace on the necklace, only small and solid brooches are suitable.

Even a small brooch, many brooches their own weight will lead directly down tilt down, or even flip, the center of gravity is not good control, so generally except pure smooth ring, we rarely ring to the necklace to fall. Not to mention the large brooch.

Necklace = Waist Chain The company out of a lot of people think it is your waist, I do not like this, in fact, such a misunderstanding is very wonderful, wear bound with many misunderstandings can wear thin skinny products to use, in fact Put on it will instead bring you a backward inverse logic that you are thin.