Jewelry Cleaning Methods

Protection shiny gold jewelry, can be coated with a thin layer on top of nail polish.

If the surface has black silver film, available salt 2 grams, 7 grams of baking soda, bleaching powder 8 g, 60 ml of water to prepare a "gold cleaning agent", the gold jewelry in a bowl, pour cleaning agents, after 2 hours, the gold jewelry out, after rinsing with water (preferably not the hard water), buried in the wood is dried, then wipe with a soft cloth.

Jewels ring volume with a match stick a piece of cotton, after wet in the toilet water and glycerin mixed solution scrub frame, then polish with a cloth ring. Avoid using blades and other sharp objects to scratch.

Salt and vinegar mixed into a cleaning agent, use it to clean gold jewelry, you can make it lasting for years.

Toothpaste wipe or scrub with a hot thick rice soup, but also restore the luster of gold jewelry.