Jewellery Basic Definitions

1. Early definitions; earlier period, the jewelry is worn on the head means holding ornaments. China in turn old jewelry called 'head, face', such as a comb, hairpin, crown and so on.

2. Modern definitions; also known as narrow jewelry, refers to a variety of metal materials or materials into a gem, with matching decorative role costume jewelry. Since the jewelry often used rare metals and jewels, so the higher value. The modern meaning of mostly clothing woven mainly, while also using a variety of low-value materials. It has a clear distinction with the jewelry.

3. The broad definition; refers to a variety of metal materials, gem stone materials, organic materials and imitation ornament made from human body and its associated environment. As can be seen, the broad range of jewelry already contains some jewelry, accessories, decorations, or that the three went to the one, which is the development direction of today's jewelry industry. With the accelerated pace of society, new materials, new ideas constantly enter, make jewelry boundaries increasingly blurred.