Identification of quality diamond jewelery

To identify the quality of a diamond, usually look at its color, weight, cleanliness and whether the cut surface expression of bright features. Whether it is worth considering a diamond purchase. The first condition is the diamond had not been inlaid. Because after mosaic stones can not accurately identify its grade. Different forms of mosaic, you can make the diamond look whiter or brighter than it itself some darker yellow; and claw marks on parquet care, better hide blemishes on the diamond. Diamond could have been the hardest natural stones, but in mosaic or demolition, if the use of force is not accurate, is enough to make the diamond edge damage, affect the value. If buying a diamond is inlaid diamonds to remember when identifying disassembled to facilitate more accurate identification of its soundness, texture and value. Dirty diamond will be yellow light. Generally, every six months on the diamond special cleaning solution, the cleaning at supersonic washing machine to keep it shiny. If the identification of the diamond at least clean. After disassembly and cleaning, will be to identify diamond grade and color.