Identification of pearl jewelry

Pearl natural pearls and cultured pearls of the points, there are seawater cultured pearl beads and freshwater pearls points. Natural pearl production less expensive; and cultured pearls can be output in large quantities, so the price is much lower. The main difference between the two is within the natural pearls and cultured pearls are not nuclear. Natural pearls are often just a few core sand or parasites and other things, not even nuclear. The kernel is the cultured pearls produced artificially large beads, so thin outer layer of the parcel. Performance on the surface, natural pearls because growth environment is random, the nucleus few foreign body roll, its round shape difference. Cultured pearls kernel rounded, and therefore better roundness after beads. Natural pearls grow due to the long time, so after a fine texture beads, bead layer thick, smooth skin, there is little "blisters", and more transparent. Cultured pearl beads when tone due to short, therefore beads thin, rough texture, "wax" band-like luster and surface irregularities tend to have some "small bubble", transparency is also poor. If you are already perforated pearls, carefully observe the hole with a magnifying glass, in the case of cultured pearls, generally able to see within the boundaries of a brown bead, which is the dividing line into the kernel and later grow out of pearl layer.

Often appear on the market imitation pearls, and is usually coated with glass beads or silver powder scales made its luster with real pearls significantly different, not the same weight, a little experience can be identified. If after a nail or small Knife, immediately exposed flesh.