Identification of jewelry cat

There is a glass fiber opal cabochon sales on the market, set in gold or silver rings, people Zhenjiamobian. The differential method is that when the rotation of the ring surface, curved top fake cat can occur at the same time several light band, but really only one cat. Fake cat eyeliner stiff, while the real cat eyeliner flexible sheets together. True brown cat color mostly yellow or light green, the color varied fake cat, red, blue, green and other colors.

Chrysoberyl is second only to diamond hardness, red Sapphire gem. Chrysoberyl and varieties of alexandrite and cat's-eye, these three gems not only very beautiful, but due to the extremely rare, so the price is very high. After gold emerald gold emerald developed inside the vacuum state containing inclusions impose Kaposi Johnson cut, there is a color change effect of opal.