Identification of jade jewelry

Our main products are Guangdong jade "South jade", "Henan jade", "Shandong Jade" and Ili in Xinjiang, Hotan production of "mutton fat jade", etc., made it more precious jade. Identification of jade concentrated mainly to see whether the color (rich), Yang (bright), pretty (color the United States), positive (pure), and (soft) these five characteristics, such as both of the, is the top grade. Conversely, if the jade light (bland), Yin (dark), and old (dark color), flowers (impure), oblique (uncoordinated), it is the bads. Do not buy jade in strong light pick, because lights and make Jade lost its original character, but also to cover up blemishes, real ones. Learn to identify the authenticity buy jade. Common fake jade plastic, glass, marble, and other types of electric color. Plastic and light jade marble texture than the hardness difference; tinted glass bubbles; electric color fake jade is plated on a layer of low-quality jade beautiful sparkling emerald green appearance, difficult to identify at first glance, but on closer inspection, electric colors often with some inferior jade "Spider claw", namely green with blue small cracks.